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Hong Kong is an affluent society. But the reality is that a sizable population is living in urban poverty or faces other challenges that undermine their minds, bodies and hopes.

As an artist, I have been trying to share life’s blessings with the less fortunate in an artistic way for some years. Over time, I realized that by bringing art to the underprivileged, I could help enrich their lives, inspire hope in the communities where they live and improve the future of those communities. I also realized that I need committed and able partners to implement this work in an effective and sustainable manner.

In 2009, I founded The HeArt Touch Charity Foundation to advance arts education for the underprivileged. My original idea of sharing has now developed into a deep conviction. The mission, however, remains the same…improving the lives of the needy and offering them the best chance of a bright future.

We welcome you to join us in this meaningful work as partner, co-sponsor or volunteer

Fanny P. Y. Wong
Founder and Chairman