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Management Directors

Ms. Fanny P.Y. Wong
Ms. May M.C. Wong
Mr. Lau George Wing Chuen
Dr. Cindy Cheung
Ms. Cheng Mi Kuen (Solicitor)
Miss Lee Chun Fang

Company Secretary

Mr. William Wong

Founder and Chairman – Fanny P.Y. Wong

Born in Hong Kong, Fanny Wong graduated from the Hong Kong Polytechnic and obtained a bachelor's degree in business administration in Australia. She studied water color painting with Kinsan Chung and Wong Kam. She also learned Chinese calligraphy from a number of calligraphers and painters. Since 2003, she has been a student of Lau Wing Chuen, a Cantonese opera master, and has developed strong passion towards Chinese culture and arts. In 2007, her paintings were selected for three major exhibitions in China, namely, The First Sketches Exhibition in Guangzhou, The Guangzhou-"City of Flowers and Ecology" Exhibition and the Eighth National Watercolor and Pastel Painting Exhibition where her work "Roses outside the Window" was featured, along with works of three other selected artists from Hong Kong. In 2009, another painting of Fanny was selected for the Eleventh National Fine Art Exhibition in China. Fanny's paintings display a sense of elegant and tranquility, and are characterized by meticulous and gentle brush strokes. Her published works include A Collection of Watercolor paintings, Sketches and Paintings of the Cantonese Opera, Art for Charity Album of Exhibits, and The Charm of Cantonese Opera Water Color Paintings. Sales proceeds from these publications were donated to charitable organizations such as the UNICEF. Sketches and Paintings of the Cantonese Opera was listed as reference materials for Cantonese Opera at the City University of Hong Kong. In 2011 and 2012, Fanny was recognized by the Agency for Volunteer Service of Hong Kong with Hong Kong Community Volunteers Gold Award.

Apart from being Founder and Chairman of The Heart Touch Charity Foundation, Fanny serves in other positions including Honorary Deputy Director of Beijing Eastern Academy of Calligraphy and Painting, Deputy Director of Beijing Jin Du Academy, Fellow of Beijing Entrepreneurs Academy of Poetry, Calligraphy and Painting, Advisor of General and Professional Studies Advisory Panel, and Watercolor Painting Course Organizer and Instructor of SCE, Hong Kong Baptist University, and Arts Program Director of Tom Lee Music Foundation. Since 2012, she has become member of The Chinese Artist Association.

Co-founder and Programme Director, Chinese Painting and Calligraphy – May M.C. Wong

May was born in Hong Kong and has a strong passion for Chinese Painting and Calligraphy since she was very young. She is a retired Civil Servant. In 1980, she was apprenticed to Mr Yang Shen Sun to learn Chinese painting. She learned sketching from Mr Kong Kai Ming. In recent years, she has been apprenticed to Mr Wong Kam and Mr Yung Ho Yin to learn water color painting and Chinese Calligraphy. She is currently member of Chun Fung Art Club, To-day’s China and Hong Kong Calligraphy Association (中国香港書法学会). She regularly participates in various joint art exhibitions and benefits a lot from them.

Programme Director, Western Painting – Susanna B.Y. Tso

Susanna has started to pursue her interest in painting since 2002. She specializes in colored pencils, sketching and pastel. She is a member of Colored Pencils Society of America (CPSA) and United Kingdom Coloured Pencils Society (UKCPS). She has participated in several exhibitions held in Hong Kong and the United States and received "Friends of CPSA Award" in 2007.

Programme Director, Western Painting – Maggie W. S. Wan

For many years, Maggie has been actively creating her own art work mainly in water color and oil painting and has participated in several exhibitions held in Hong Kong. In 2006, Maggie established Maggie's Art Studio to teach children and adults western painting in various media.

Programme Director, Western Painting – Dennis L.W. Lu


Programme Director, Western Painting – Andrea Lee


Programme Director, Language – Melissa Lee

Born in Hong Kong and graduated with a Bachelor degree from Queen's University, Canada, Melissa is a HR professional with more than 10 years' experience working in the financial sector. She has had a strong passion for art from a very young age and was apprenticed to Mr Yang Shan Shen (楊善深) to learn Chinese painting in 1980s. She has also learned Chinese calligraphy, water-color painting and flower arrangement. In recent years, she furthers her studies in water color painting with Ms Fanny Wong.

Programme Director, Living Arts – Wenna Tsai

Wenna is borne in Taiwan and has been a Hong Kong resident since 1992. She began to work as a volunteer with the Hong Kong branch of Tzu Chi Foundation in 2002 and is now a leader for the signs language class. She performs at charitable events every year and all proceeds are donated to Tzu Chi Foundation.

Director, IT – Grace M.Y. Chan

Born in Hong Kong, Grace graduated from University of Waterloo in Canada with a Bachelor of Mathematics degree in Computer Science. She has over 10 years experience in Information Technology, especially in the field of website and software development.

Grace has strong interest in Arts since her childhood, and had taken different Visual Arts courses in University. In 1998, she was apprenticed to Mr Kinsan Chung in watercolor painting and had participated in numbers of joint exhibitions in Hong Kong.

Director, PR and Corporate Communication – Terry W. M. Ku

Born and raised in Hong Kong, Terry is a Paralegal Professional. She graduated from the Ohio University with a Bachelor of Science in Communication and earned her professional credential as a Certified Legal Assistant in the United States where she has lived for around ten years.

Terry started to pursue her interest in watercolor painting in 2003 and was apprenticed to Mr Kinsan Chung. She believes that painting is a special tool and an important way of communicating vision, feelings and experiences. Through the work of HeArt Touch, Terry hopes that the underprivileged in Hong Kong could have greater access to arts.

Director, PR and Corporate Communication – Tina Y. Y. Hung

Born in Hong Kong, Tina graduated from York University in Canada with a Bachelor degree in Administrative Studies and with a Master of Science degree in Financial Management from University of London in England. She has over 15 years of corporate finance experience gained from a number of reputable investment banks and the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. Art has always been her lifelong pursuit whether it is Chinese painting, watercolor or oil painting. She has participated in a number of joint exhibitions in Hong Kong.